Become a Data and AI training partner

Expand your practice by tapping into the Microsoft customer base.

Become a Data and AI training partner

Expand your practice by tapping into the Microsoft customer base.

What it means to be a Data and AI Training Partner

As a Microsoft Training Partner, you’ll be showcased as a subject-matter expert to prospective learners around the globe. Tech professionals look to Microsoft for guidance as they take their skills to the next level.


Get support with training and content

As a Microsoft training partner, you’ll have access to tested curricula as well as best practices gained through thousands of hours of training.


Gain visibility via the analytics portal

With your business and course offerings on our portal, you’ll immediately reach more prospective learners.


Grow your client base with referrals

The referrals and registrations you’ll get as a Microsoft Training Partner can help expand your client base beyond the classroom.


Receive updates with important news

Periodic newsletters will keep you informed of new technological developments and other info you need to keep ahead.


Looking for a training partner?

If you're looking for a training partner to give you instruction, visit our Data+AI Training Partners section.


What it takes to become a Data+AI Training Partner


Show interest

Click the Join the program link below and complete the form. We will contact you to discuss your company's suitability as a Training Partner.


Qualification process

Your company will be invited to attend Microsoft-delivered trainings, be given access to Microsoft course content, and proceed through a qualification process.


Join the Microsoft Partner Network

Take advantage of the many benefits and resources Microsoft makes available to its partners. Learn more at Microsoft Partners Network.


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BlueGranite: A training partner success story

When Microsoft had a customer who needed to learn R Server (now ML Server) and apply it to a proof of concept, Training Partner BlueGranite stepped up to the plate. Assembling a new 3-day course that took participants from introduction to implementation, BlueGranite used existing materials and content from Microsoft and added their own expertise and experience. The result? The customer is deploying MRS as it moves away from SAS. And, BlueGranite continues to grow their training practice with new entries to their catalog.

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