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A global network of qualified training partners to service your advanced analytics educational needs.

About the Training Partners program

Advanced Analytics Training Partners offer training in the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Microsoft R Server products in a variety of modalities and around the globe. Using content sourced from Microsoft data scientists, Training Partners offer their courses to our partners, end customers, and individuals wishing to skill-up in advanced analytics. Companies can become a member of the Training Partners program by demonstrating a commitment in growing their advanced analytics training practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This regularly updated list of questions and answers will help you navigate the Training Partners program.

  1. Who are the Advanced Analytics Training Partners?

    Our global network of Training Partners deliver advanced analytics training in a variety of modalities – instructor-led, online, or a combination. They are companies who focus solely on training and companies who provide training and solutions; companies and individuals go to them to learn about Microsoft Advanced Analytics.  

  2. How do I find available training by the Training Partners?

    Visit the Learn Analytics Training page and use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow your search. You can also narrow your search by geography and topic by connecting to a training partner below these questions.

  3. What if I don't see the training topic I'm interested in?

    Please contact with a description of what you are looking for. Training deliveries are constantly being scheduled and new courses are regularly added to our catalog.

  4. I've found a training of interest but the dates or venue don't work for my team. What are the alternatives?

    Training Partners offer on-demand, in-classroom training shown in our system as courses without delivery dates (they appear at the end of the Instructor Led Courses on our training page). Many Training Partners are willing to provide custom offerings. Please feel free to contact the Training Partner directly or email for assistance.

  5. My company provides advanced analytics training. Is it already a Training Partner?

    Prospective Training Partners are qualified through an on-boarding process which may include the submittal of training references and/or a test-teach session. Please inquire at

  6. How do I get access to the Microsoft Advanced Analytics course materials which appear in your catalog?

    Course content, including links to source material, are open and available for viewing and cloning at our public github site. Please let us know if you redeliver this course or have any questions.

  7. How do I become an Advanced Analytics Training Partner?

    Upon sending an inquiry to our LearnAnalytics team via the Join function below, a Program Manager will contact you to discuss your company's suitability as a Training Partner. This includes a commitment to providing training – from the Microsoft catalog of courses or your own featuring Microsoft Advanced Analytics product. After that conversation, your company will be invited to attend Microsoft delivered trainings, be provided access to Microsoft course content, and proceed through a qualification process. Training Partners are asked to complete a profile, post their available training deliveries on this website and provide participant survey results for the trainings delivered.

  8. What does my company get as a Training Partner?

    Training Partners are our first line of training referral recipients. Training Partners are invited to attend Advanced Analytics training delivered by expert Microsoft data science trainers, get access to the course content, and get substantial exposure via this website by posting information about their companies and upcoming training deliveries.

  9. I'm already a Microsoft Partner. Am I automatically a Training Partner?

    Some Advanced Analytics Training Partners may already be Microsoft Partners. If not, they are encouraged to apply as there are many benefits to doing so. All companies must be validated before becoming a Training Partner. Learn more at Microsoft Partners Network.

  10. How can I get other questions answered?

    Please email and include "Training Partners" somewhere in the email. Someone will get back to you within two business days.

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Thank you for your interest in the Advanced Analytics Training Partners program. Upon expressing your interest to become a member of this global network, you will be contacted for a follow-up discussion about your company’s suitability to the program. Please click the link below to schedule this meeting.

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These companies service the globe with online and instructor-led advanced analytics training. Visit our training page to view their upcoming deliveries by product and locale. Browse their web pages to learn more about them. [Note: Training Partner search criteria is being added daily.]

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