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Data Science Virtual Machine – A Walkthrough of end-to-end Analytics Scenarios

View this webinar to learn how the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) in Microsoft Azure conveniently enables key end-to-end data analytics scenarios. See a variety of popular scenarios which will review test and development, training and scoring for deep-learning on GPU based instances of the DSVM.

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Tutorial: Using R for Scalable Data Analytics: From single machines to Hadoop Spark clusters

Learn about Spark data-science and ML workflows using SparkR, sparklyr, RevoScaleR in the hands-on sections, and play with Microsoft R Server operationalization, parallelization using RxExec and other CRAN packages. (These materials were presented at Strata, San Jose - Mar 14, 2017.)

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Blog: Cortana Intelligence Corner

Cortana Intelligence Corner

Chris Testa-O'Neill, of SQL Bits fame, helps you navigate the world of the Cortana Intelligence Suite. This highly applied blog is intended to provide you with as much information as possible to augment existing technical skills to better implement advanced analytics solutions.

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Blog: Backyard Data Science

Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R Server

In this blended learning experience of online and virtual instructor led course via edX, learn how to use Microsoft R Server to analyze large data sets using R, one of the most powerful programming languages.

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Blog: Data Science 101<

Analyze More

Micheleen Harris, a self-described "mash up" (AKA unicorn) shares her wisdom on using Python, R and advanced analytics for data science. A big proponent of open source, Micheleen delivers deep dives into cognitive services, building intelligent bots, and more.

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